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Order our handcrafted Colby, British Raw Milk Cheddar, British Garlic Cheddar and (new!) Blue Cheeses at home and enjoy with your favorite wines or in your best recipes. Our online store lets you get the fresh, creamy taste of the Finger Lakes wherever you are. Check out our selection of gift baskets to send a taste of New York to someone else. If you’d prefer a custom basket, please call or e-mail us and we’ll be happy to help you select the best cheeses.
  • Aged British Cheddar

    Aged British Cheddar

    A raw milk cheese aged about one year for a nice sharp bite. Some of the cheddar we have is smoked, with a natural smoke from hickory and applewood. More »

    Weight: ½lb
  • Bel Ceillo

    Bel Ceillo

    This Asiago and Provolone blend comes to Muranda as our first Italian style cheese. Use this semi-hard cheese as an appetizer, substitute it with Parmesan in your favorite dishes, or enjoy it with any deep red wine. More »

    Weight: ½lb
  • Checkerboard Cheddar

    Checkerboard Cheddar

    Another Muranda original cheese, this product is made from raw milk and offers your taste buds the sweetness of sundried tomatoes coupled with a zing from cracked peppercorn. We love this cheese on a platter and in homemade macaroni and cheese. More »

    Weight: ½lb
  • Colby


    This mild and gentle ‘baby cheddar’ has a raw milk creamy texture. This cheese’s mild taste makes for a large contrast compared to our stronger cheddars. Both a Chardonnay and a Riesling compliment our Colby, without overpowering its taste. More »

    Weight: ½lb
  • Dilly Girl

    Dilly Girl

    This medium sharp cheddar with fresh homegrown dill weed and roasted garlic is made from raw milk and offers a mouth full of flavor in every bite. This cheese is a great compliment to any full-bodied red, and great on fish. More »

    Weight: ½lb
  • Fiesta Cheddar

    Fiesta Cheddar

    Fiesta cheddar features a homemade taco seasoning as well as raw milk. This cheese is aged at least 60 days and would pair well with a Finger Lakes white wine, a quesadilla, or a cracker. More »

    Weight: ½lb
  • Gotcha Gouda

    Gotcha Gouda

    This cheese will grab you by the palate. Gouda, named after a town in the Netherlands, is a sweet and fruity cheese that adds a tangy kick to any dish. Enjoy this cheese with blush wine or fruit. More »

    Weight: ½lb
  • Mature British Cheddar

    Mature British Cheddar

    A raw milk cheese that is aged for two years! A sharp cheddar that pairs nicely with a glass of dry red wine, or makes a delicious macaroni and cheese sauce. More »

  • Muranda Blue

    Muranda Blue

    The strongest of our cheeses, this cow’s milk blue is one of kind in the Finger Lakes. Aged for about two months, enjoy this blue with any full-bodied red for a taste that will knock your socks off. More »

    Weight: ½lb
  • Muranda Cheese Knife

    Muranda Cheese Knife

    An essential for any cheese lover, this distinctive knife is designed for effortless cutting and serving of cheese. More »

  • Red Buddy

    Red Buddy

    Also called our mistake cheese, this raw milk product aged at least 120 days has a one of a kind taste that starts as an aged Swiss and finishes as cheddar. This cheese as described in the name is a good friend to any red especially a Pinot Noir. More »

    Weight: ½lb
  • Roasted Garlic Cheddar

    Roasted Garlic Cheddar

    This medium sharp cheddar with roasted garlic is made from raw milk and provides a well-rounded flavor that is superb when offered with a dry Riesling or dry red. This cheddar is equally as pleasing when melted into mashed potatoes, a favorite of the Murray family. More »

    Weight: ½lb
  • Scallion Onion Cheddar

    Scallion Onion Cheddar

    This cheese has surely become a fan favorite quickly with its flavorful taste. We love this cheese with everything, especially at breakfast in our eggs or a quiche. You could also enjoy this cheese with a dry red. More »

    Weight: ½lb
  • Seasonal Gift Basket

    Seasonal Gift Basket

    Five different kinds of cheese, a jar of homemade honey mustard, gourmet crackers and a locally grown apple. Write your gift message in the Note Card and Add to Cart. In the Checkout, fill out your billing address and specify the recipient’s address as the Shipping Address. More »

  • Smoked British Cheddar

    Smoked British Cheddar

    A raw milk cheese that is aged for one year and then smoked for six hours with Hickory and Applewood. The cheese has  nice smokey flavor, and adds a nice flavor for Macaroni and Cheese! More »

  • Smoked Gouda

    Smoked Gouda

    A raw milk cheese that is aged for two months and then smoked  with a natural smoke for six hours with Hickory and Applewood. Our smoked gouda has a very strong smokey flavor, and is delicious on a toasted cheese sandwich with tomatoes. More »