The Great Barn Restoration

571f9ce9aa4ae-WorldFamousHolstiens-1000x395The barn is being redone! We have decided to expand our business into the back barn in order to have more room for tastings and events. We are looking forward to this fall when we will be able to host in the barn. While tasting the cheese, guests will be able to drink wines, beers, and ciders that pair well with the cheese. On certain weekends, we hope to feature different wineries, breweries, and cideries. We are very excited for this new adventure, and we want you to stay tuned with the progress of the barn!

IMG_3817When the barn started to be redone the floor was not safe to walk on. The floor had to be replaced. However, the barn structure is very strong and it does not need to be restructured!

The first day of construction included bracing the floor (which can be seen in the picture below).



This process is very important because it secures the base of the floor to ensure that it is stable.

The construction crew has been working hard to finish the floor from cutting wood to placing the pieces in perfectly. They have been making great progress! Look at how gorgeous the floor looks.


We are excited to see what the rest of the barn will look like when its done. Stay tuned to see the progress of the barn. We look forward to having you come out and check out the refurbished barn!

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