The Great Barn Restoration Continues

The Great Barn is looking beautiful as all of the repairs are being done. The crews that haveIMG_5029 been working on the barn have done an amazing job. The barn floors have been completed,

and they are now in the process of being stained so that it has a nice finished look.

The large barn doors have been redone, and we are looking to see what color we should paint them that will match the barn best (if you have any ideas please comment below). IMG_5014

Windows have also been added to the barn so that sunlight and fresh air can fill the barn! Some fans have been added, and two larger fans are going to be added soon so that the barn can be kept nice and cool in the summer time. There will be two bathrooms in the barn that are in the process of being constructed. IMG_5026We are so pleased with how well the barn is coming along, and thankful for the hard-work that the construction crews have put into it! We cant wait for you to come and see the barn, and enjoy tasting cheese and craft beverages!

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